Axor: Create your Dream Bathroom

Having a large bathroom with all the features charming and modern concept is a very definite wish is owned by everyone; the bathroom is no longer just a space for one’s personal hygiene. Today’s design possibilities for bathrooms are limitless.

Axor stands for the diversity and fascination of individual lifestyles in the bathroom. Comprehensive and individual bathroom collections are created in cooperation with some of the world’s most successful designers. These collections are as individual and different as people themselves, and propose multiple different styles: from lively, charming living rooms/bathrooms in one to nature-inspired havens of peace.

Axor collections include taps, showers, baths and basins to fully compliment each designer’s bathroom concept.

But Axor offers more than just excellent design. The company also develops solutions that adapt to changing consumer needs and meet the diverse design requirements for this particular living space. It is not the individual product, however, that takes centre stage but the interaction between water, person and space. Axor’s visionary concept in combination with Hansgrohe’s over 100-year experience in the sanitary sector have secured Axor’s place as a designer brand of the highest quality.

Axor collections can be found in the Burj Khalifa as well as the Yoo Apartments in Manhattan, the Bulgari Hotels of Milan and Bali, the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai, the Else Club in Moscow, as well as on the Queen Mary II. The Axor brand manager is Philippe Grohe, grandson of the company’s founder, Hansgrohe.

Axor is a special design furniture and bathroom. Axor prioritizes peace and comfort in accordance with what you want. The ideas from Hansgrohe are very unique, luxurious and beautiful. Hopefully Axor can provide inspiration for your bathroom.

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