A Checklist to Create your Dream Bathroom

 Do you dream of having a bathroom tailored to your personal taste?

Of course the answer is yes! All of us want a perfect space with all our needs and wishes fulfilled; and if it fits within our budget that’s even better. Working with a professional in the bath industry is the best way.

But…before visiting your favorite professional expert, take a look at this checklist, and be prepare for your dream project.

Photo courtesy of Hansgrohe

□ Take a floor plan with you and mark the locations of your existing plumbing and electrical connections; this way the expert can see what fits and problems that need to be solved.
□ Bringing in pictures and/or ideas from magazines, brochures, or from the internet is always a great idea. A clear mental note is always a good start.
□ Have you thought about whom in your household uses the bathroom? when and in what capacity? Who wants what? This information is essential if you want to receive the best advice for your project. There are differences between a master bath, children’s bath, guest baths and powder room.
□ What is having a pleasurable bathroom worth to you? Do you have a budget? Having a good idea of your budget is always helpful. It helps the retailer to successfully combine suitable faucets, showers, surfaces, and technology based on your means.

□ Keep in mind that bathroom remodeling or new construction involves coordinating all sorts of things. Therefore, you should check your calendar first as to what time-frame would be most suitable for you; for example, you don’t want to start a project before you have guests coming.

So, are you ready to make your dream come true? Take this checklist and visit any of our experts, and be absolutely confident that our experts will assist you in creating your dream bathroom.

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