5 Tips to Know When Choosing an LED Light Bulb

Photo Courtesy of Lutron

When you are buying a light bulb, it is common to think about watts, but did you know watts do not indicate how bright a light will be?

Many years ago, there was only one type of light bulbs; and watts were the only unit of measure used to help us decide the perfect light bulb for our lamps.

Today it is very easy to get confused with so many models and styles of LED bulbs. Farrey’s sales experts want to share with you useful tips you should know when choosing an LED light bulb for your favorite lighting fixture.

Before choosing an LED light bulb, it is very important to understand the difference between watts and lumens; since most of the times these terms are confusing. Watts refers to how much energy a bulb will consume when is on; on the other hand, lumens measure brightness.

So, after knowing the difference between watts and lumens, we can say that the more lumens, the brighter the bulb.

1. Tip Identify how bright a bulb you want - After defining this, you will be ready to begin analyzing other factors such as the energy cost, life span run cost, and so forth.

2. LED bulbs do not have mercury - With LED bulbs, all concerns about adding mercury to the environment are gone. LED bulbs do not have any mercury, so there are no worries when handling or disposing of one of these bulbs.

3. Instant light and Dimmable!- If you have a space where turning lights on and off is a constant task, LED light bulbs are the perfect choice. LED bulbs reach full illumination, producing a steady light which doesn’t flicker.

Many LED bulbs now are dimmable, a very suitable feature. Also it is important to note that these bulbs do not burn out, but just dim over time.

4. UV-free LEDs bulbs do not attract insects- Typically flying insects are the first guests in an outdoor party. We usually think that they come because of our sweet blood, but the truth is they feel attracted by the ultraviolet light. So, the next time you are planning an outdoor party and need light bulbs, just check the label for UV detail information.

There are also LED bulbs with yellow lenses, especially intended for outdoors. These yellow bulbs will not attract the bugs and illuminate the area very well.

5. Price should not shock you - LED bulbs initial cost seems a little bit higher compared to the cost of an incandescent or CFL bulb, the savings can be seen very fast over time because these bulbs will last longer and use less energy than other bulbs.

It is very common today seen many residences and commercial locations adapting LED as their new light source. Very soon, all of us we’ll be using LED bulbs and the prices and consequently the prices will drop down.

These tips will help you to identify the perfect LED bulb for your favorite space. No more worries and confusions. LED’s huge variety of styles and types met all spaces unique. They will help you save money and also illuminate any room in a very special way.

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