10 Things to Do with Mom on Mother’s Day

Have you ever taken your mom out to eat on Mother’s Day? If you have, you know it’s one of the busiest days of the year -if not the busiest – when it comes to restaurants. Although going out to eat is nice, and means Mom won’t have to cook, it’s a crowded experience that’s soon over and done.
Whether you see your mom everyday, or you see her once a year, you’ll make her Mother’s Day very special if you can spend time with her on that special day. Some families have a routine where they take Mom out to eat, or come over and fix dinner for her, but this year, why not do something different?
We’ve created a list of things that all moms would love to do on Mother’s Day. Of course, you’ll want to choose the activity that would suit your mom’s preferences (if she recently had hip surgery she may not want to go rock climbing!).

1) Take your mom to the park if the weather permits. Sit on the glider and chat. Enjoy the atmosphere and the company.

2) Go bowling. Make a day of it: shoot pool, have pizza or subs, and just have fun. Some moms don’t get out a lot, caught up in the housework and tending kids, so she might enjoy a day of exercise and laughs.

3) Take Mom to the movies. Let her choose the movie, you take care of the snacks and drinks. She’ll have a great time and every time she sees that movie in the future, she’ll think of you.

4) Consider taking your mom to visit a friend or family member that she rarely sees. Driving for an hour or two to make your mom happy is a cool way to spend this Mother’s Day.

5) Go with your mom to get photographs together. You’ll treasure these photographs and so will she. The photos don’t have to be ordinary – consider fun photo studios where you dress up like you’re in the Wild West or similar photos. Make sure you have an appointment in advance.

6)  Take your mom shopping at a store that specializes in something like coffee, spa and bath products, or something else your mom likes. You don’t have to go to a great expense, if you can’t afford it; just let her pick out an item or two.

7) Take your mom to a place she enjoyed as a child. Over the years you’ve likely heard your mom mention places she loved as a child so take her to one of these places and she’ll be full of fabulous memories for the day.

8) Take Mom for a massage. Who wouldn’t love to relax and unwind, and enjoy a nice massage? Join her and have a massage for yourself, too.

9) Give your mom a surprise party. It’ll be a huge surprise since most moms don’t expect a party on Mother’s Day. Set out photo albums of Mom when she was younger, and ones that contain photos of her and her children. She’ll love the thought you put into this surprise.

10) Offer to take the other children and let Mom have a day alone. A day of peace and quiet, freedom to do whatever she feels like, and not having to deal with children for one whole day could be just what the doctor ordered for multi-tasking moms.

I hope you like these ideas and they help you to plan something new and different this year; Mom will love it and so will you. But, if you have another ideas to add to this list, please feel free to share them on the comment section below.

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